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They were thick as thieves I tell you – Costa Rica Sailfish! I have NEVER seen anything like this in my fishing career.  I’ve heard of great migrations of fish over the years but never experienced it for myself.

Last fall, a friend of mine named Josh Temple wrote to me talking about releasing over 60 blue marlin in a short period of time – something like 5 days.  The reason they came in from their long-haul billfish trip was because of a technical problem on the boat. “Imagine how many fish we could have caught!” he wrote.

March 2014, Los Suenos Costa Rica I’m fishing with Capt. Bubba Carter for 5 days while shooting Guided on Him and angling great, Joan Vernon.  Long story short – in 5 days, within 40 miles of Costa Rica, we released 101 pacific sailfish.  Those were the ones we brought to the boat. Fishing circle hooks is a finesse technique that relies on timing and feel.  I believe we raised almost 200 fish in that 5 day span.

Sail Fish Med Profile

I have NEVER seen anything like it! They were as thick as thieves!

The last 2 days on the water we were fishing with a young lad from Boston and his Dad.  He fishes sailfish in Florida usually with live bait. He was down in CR to learn the technique of hooking sailfish using ballyhoo and circle hooks. On our 2nd day with him, we released 29 sails for the day.  I guess it’s safe to say his education was fast and furious!

Sail Fish CU Profile

So for a trip of a lifetime and to have a legit chance at hooking hundreds of sailfish in a week, contact Bubba Carter!


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