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Fishing with the Governor

I didn’t really expect him to be a regular guy. Baseball cap, shorts, and a nice dark blue golf shirt, gently branded with the Pure Michigan logo. There wasn’t a crowd with him, just his son and a plain clothed “detail” and his press secretary.


Pleasantries exchanged, handshakes swapped and we were off. Fishing with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on the Detroit River out of Milliken State Park in the heart of Detroit Rock City.


I hadn’t been to Detroit in a while and my expectations in all honesty weren’t all that high, realizing the city’s financial state. However, driving downtown, there is a general palpable feeling of resurgence. People were out, buildings cleaned up and businesses conducting… well… business. It was great to see. Milliken State Park’s marina lies within a newly skinned swath of walkways, trees and riverside boardwalks in the heart of Detroit – Parkland!


We boarded our charter boat, grabbed a few photos and headed out with Governor Snyder. I wasn’t interested in talking politics with him, but wanted to know “why?”

Why did he care so much about the environment and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources? It seems to me that he is one of few who are actually re-investing in outdoor pursuits in North America.   And being outdoors people, we’ve all seen the cuts – cuts to Canada’s Ministry of Natural Resources, cuts to state Departments of Natural Resources, and Departments of Environmental Protection.


But Rick Snyder is reinvesting in Michigan.


He has a very simple philosophy. Better the quality of life for Michiganders, and that should, in theory have a positive effect on the economy. Rick Snyder’s mandate is to reinvest in an already incredible fishery in Michigan to better the lives of not only Michiganders, but people who visit Michigan as well. From the short time I was able to speak with Governor Snyder, I was impressed by his honesty about having to fix a Michigan that didn’t have a very good previous decade, his honesty about where the license dollars of anglers is going (hiring 25 more conservation officers in the state to name one!) and his honesty about the validity of his plan.


Rick Snyder – “I ran for Governor on a bold agenda of reinventing Michigan’s economy, a new style of leadership, and new results. We put politics aside and focused on getting rid of the status quo in order to usher in a new era of innovation with more and better jobs. Now Michigan’s comeback is underway and families are returning to our great state. But there is no such thing as good enough. Now is the time to continue improving our economy, reforming state government and keep Michigan’s comeback going strong!”



By all accounts, it seems to be working. Having fished the Upper Peninsula, Lake St. Clair and now the Detroit River, I’m here to tell you the fishing in Michigan is incredible and now with Governor Snyder’s plan, its actually going to get even better!