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He is the Friendly face of fly fishing in Montana. We met by happenstance – it was actually quite comical. I found his wife on Facebook, and then  stumbled upon what has turned out to be a good friend to fish with in Montana.


With a simple idea of posting positive and good things on his Facebook page, Montana Matt Thompson has quickly become one of the more popular trout guides in the state.  Based in Billings, Montana, Matt and wife Tracy Moore have a wide variety of rivers at their disposal to guide and to fun fish.  The one I was most excited about was the Big Horn River.


If you EVER want a trout experience of a lifetime, you have to fish the Big Horn!  With thousands of trout per mile of river, you can afford to experiment with different techniques and flies.  Regulation of water from the Big Horn dam ensures constant clear, clean cool water in the river.  And the fishing is incredible!


Funny story – We rounded a bend in the river and I saw a very large black creature standing in the river. Being a Canadian, I naturally yelled “Moose!!!”  It was actually a cow! She was knee deep in the river and  slowly wading up stream looking for her buddies.  Matt tells me “throw it on her ass”  I looked puzzled at him and did my best to hit her backside with my fly… came within a foot and when the fly hit the water, I locked horns with a spectacular Brown. “do it again” he suggested… 19 inch rainbow… the fish were following the cow upstream eating all the bugs and such that she was kicking up while wading upstream.

DSC04973 DSC05048 DSC05102 DSC05147

So Matt and Tracy have a giant secret and while we were shooting our show, they decided they were going to tell their friends and family… We were there and got their reaction to this life-changing event! Check it out on Guided coming soon to WFN.  You can book Matt at www.montanatroutaholics.com


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