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Amazon Flats Fishing

Welcome to the Amazon.  A rain forest jungle that covers 55 million square kilometers or 21 million square miles and is peppered with countless winding rivers, lakes and streams.  It’s a different world under the canopy of the amazon jungle and its waters are no different.    Freshwater creatures have had to adapt to a life of eat or be eaten.

I have an opportunity to experience the deep Amazon first hand.   In the heart of South America, a 2 hour jet flight from Manaus Brazil floats Ecolodge da Barra – the only floating lodge in what is considered one of the most inaccessible areas of the Amazon – until now.  The lodge sits at the confluence of 2 big rivers of the Amazon basin – the Rio Juruena  and the Teles Pires.  This is the ideal location for anglers to target fish in literally hundreds of lakes, ponds, streams and bays, and provides an opportunity to go Amazon Flats Fishing!

Roberto Veras, a lifelong adventure traveler and angler has brought sustainability to a new level in Eco tourism.  He employs villagers from the nearby Barra de Sao Manuel community. Everyone has a vested interest in sustainability and responsibility to this incredible fishery.  The fly fishing opportunities are excellent with many species of weird and wonderful fish to catch on fly, and some of them get huge!

On this trip we are hunting Peacock bass, Arawana and Payara and hopefully we’ll get to go Amazon Flats Fishing!  If you’re looking to fish the Amazon or to go Amazon Flats Fishing hook up at Ecolodge Da Barra.