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Atlantic Salmon Adventure

There’s nothing quite like the people of Canada’s east coast to make a mid-country-man feel quite at home in an extremely remote fish camp. There’s a different attitude about the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, and believe me, it’s infectious. It’s all about the people, the food, the smiles, the river and of course, the fish.

Atlantic salmon are the perfect contradiction to the fine people of the Maritimes. They are grumpy, finicky, boorish and down right mean. They have the ability to cause seemingly perfectly sane human beings do crazy things in their pursuit, for that one shot at a giant Atlantic slurping down a bomber. It’s heart stopping, all encompassing, addictive and unbelievably fun. If you’re thinking of going on an Atlantic Salmon Adventure, be sure to check out Hawke River Outfitters  to book your trip.