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Some of the most incredible imagery of the Atlantic Salmon of Labrador

Over the past few summers, I have had the ultimate fortune to meet many of the Atlantic Salmon of Labrador Canada.  Labrador is considered by many to be the last frontier when it comes to wild populations of returning Atlantic Salmon.  They frequent the rivers moving in and out to spawn, reside and fall back to the ocean.

Catching an Atlantic Salmon is, in itself considered by many to be the pinnacle of the sport of fly fishing.  It is now mandatory catch and release for many maritime provinces in an effort to conserve remaining returns.  They can be caught a number of ways, however the most popular is by swinging a wet fly through a run or pool or dead-drifting a dry fly such as a bomber in the “windows” of the water (they are the bubble free areas where Salmon can see the fly unimpeded.) The strikes are vicious, and the battle well worthy the adventure to be able to angle these fish.  It’s important to note that while fishing the Atlantic Salmon of Labrador, you must fish with a provincially native guide, single barb-less unweighted flies and floating fly fishing line only.  You can not have any weight on your leader or line other than the natural weight of the fly.

There are a number of fishing lodges that specialize in the wild adventure of Labrador’s Atlantic Salmon.  They are all unique in their own way, offering anglers different levels of accommodation, however one thing each of them have in common is they all are well known for excellent Atlantic Salmon fishing.

St. Lewis River Lodge

Hunt River Lodge

Hawke River Lodge

Flowers River Lodge

If you have ever dreamed of releasing a wild Atlantic Salmon, I recommend you do it soon. Get bit by the Atlantic Salmon bug and you’ll be a fan for life!