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Fishing Small Streams

Bill Spicer from the New Fly Fisher has some sage advise for fishing small streams

Small stream enthusiasts are an interesting bunch.  For many, including myself, fishing small streams is very similar to hunting or stalking.  It’s important when fishing small streams to be as stealthy as possible, even so far as to crouch or crawl up to the pool or run in which you like to fish.

When fishing small streams, casting can prove to be an issue if the stream in which you are fishing has encroaching brush or trees.  Make sure you’re able to effectively roll cast to assist in fly presentation.

When fishing small streams, don’t be afraid to bring the right rod along for the day! Even though the water may be skinny, there is always a chance you’ll lock horns with a fish that is disproportionately sized for the river.

Small stream fishing is a tonne of fun, it’s intimate and you often get to experience a lot of amazing wildlife, birds and of course spectacular fishing.